DURHOLME - the ley home of the Prince Bishop's Men

Old Merchant Store

A Palatinate Favourite - It goes on for hours !

I used to work in Durholme in an old Merchant's store,
I used to work in Durholme I don't work anymore !
[Somebody] A woman came into the store one day wanting some sausages,
[Everybody ask loudly] Some sausages she wanted ?!
[Person above] My meat she got !
[All] Wha-hay !!
I don't work any more !

[Repeat with different things ad nauseum !]

A few possibilities:
wanting an excellent nail >>> A good screw she got !
wanting a Kit-Kat >>> Four fingers she got !
wanting some chicken tikka >>> A tasty filling she got !
wanting a long mine >>> A deep shaft she got !
wanting an innuendo >>> So I gave her one !

etc. etc.

Lyrics documented by Jules Fattorini