DURHOLME - the ley home of the Prince Bishop's Men

Songs of the Prince Bishop's Men

Here you'll find the songs of the Prince Bishop's Men - those sung into battle, those sung late at night in the Fighting Cocks, those sung in more personal moments around the campfire and some songs from our history.

These fit into a few categories. There are songs from our time in Avalon - The Bish Fish Song, The Bold Prince Bishops Men, The Brave Prince Bishops Men, The Brave PB's Men, Cuthberts Cross, Flambard, Flora and Fauna, Lepidus, Nosta Kar, Old Merchant Store, The Tarantula Song, and Unlucky Louis; songs from our time before that in Albion - The Goblin Song, The Greedy Goblin, Magical Rhapsody, Necromancers Garden and The Twelve Days of Durholme; and some better-known songs that we share with others all over Edreja - The Dirty Goblin Song, Lammy Me, The Bonny Black Hare and The Wild Rover.

Some of these songs are traditional, their authors and origins long-forgotten. Many of those from Avalon were written by never-to-be-forgotten songwriting team Meg Madrigal and the sadly departed Alias the Bard. And still others were written by the ordinary soldiers, past and present, in their quiet moments after battle.

They're placed here so that the Men can brush up their knowledge, so others can learn the songs and join us in our campfire singing, and so the stories of our ancestors won't be forgotten.

Oh, and you'll have noticed there aren't any songs from Lantia yet? That's your job. If you've written a song of Lantia or of the Prince Bishop's Men, let us know and we'll put it up here.