DURHOLME - the ley home of the Prince Bishop's Men

Brave PB's Men

A classic rewrite, by the Durholme People
To the tune of 'YMCA'

Young Man ! There's no need to feel down !
I say, Young Man ! Pick yourself off the ground !
I say, Young Man ! Cuz you're in a New town,
There's no need - to - be - un - hap - py,
Young Man ! There's a group you can meet !
I say, Young Man ! To get yourself off the street !
You can Join Them ! And I'm sure you will find,
Many ways - to - have - a Good Time !

Chorus :
It's fun to be a Brave PB's Man !
It's fun to be a Brave PB's Man !
They have everything for you there to enjoy !
You can hang out with all the boys !
Brave PB's Man !
It's fun to be a Brave PB's Man !
You can get a Huge Sword ! You can feel really hard !
And you get a nice Blue Tabard !

Young Man ! Are you listen' to me ?
I say, Young Man ! What do you wanna be ?
I say, Young Man ! You can make real your dreams !
But you've got - to - know - this one thing
Durholme - needs the ones who are best
I say, You can ! stand out from all the rest !
And just Join Them ! Join the Brave PB's Men !
Be the best - at - the - Gath - ering !

Chorus :

Young Man ! I was once in your shoes !
I say, I was ! Down and out with the Blues !
I felt no-one cared if I was just there,
But then Ker - ri - mar heard my prayer,
That's when - Kyot came up to me,
And said, Young Man ! Take a walk off the street !
There's a group here, called the Brave PB's Men,
You can learn to be a Lion !

Chorus :

Lyrics by Jules Fattorini, Winter 1999