DURHOLME - the ley home of the Prince Bishop's Men

The Nosta Kar are Coming to Town

By Meg the Minstrel and Alias Ye Bard
To the tune of "Santa Claus is coming to town.

One of them red,
One of them blue,
One for me and one for you;
The Nosta Kar are coming to town.

One of them black,
One of them green,
All of them look quite obscene;
The Nosta Kar are coming to town.

Their plans are crafty,
All of them nasty,
Their complexions all are ghastly;
The Nosta Kar are coming to town.

They're coming to battle,
They talk too much prattle,
They treat humans as their cattle;
The Nosta Kar are coming to town.

The One were in trouble,
Their plans were in rubble,
`Cos a Nosta Kar was Mithras' double;
But now we've gone and bashed him to pulp

At the Spring Fest
They sent all their best
To teach us a lesson while we all got pissed
and mocked all the No--sta Kar

The battle was great
We fell at the gate
Some of us thought that it was to late
To survive against the No--sta Kar

But Rhino said "Nay,
We'll fight come what may
And live to see a-nother day
to wage war with the No--sta Kar!"

We chased them away
At the end of the day
But what a price we had to pay
For vic'try against the No--sta Kar

So toast our good mates
Who all met their fates
Valiantly holding the gates
Against those awful No--sta Kar

Avalon cries
As its avatars die
Only Lifegiver's left to try
To stem the tide of No--sta Kar

So give us a hand
To help heal the land
And make the Nosta Kar understand
That they're not welcome here anymore

Now we are so few
What are we to do?
Follow our hearts and see this through
and get rid of those No--sta Kar!

So make friends with your foes
And don't come to blows
An united force is what we must show
Against those blasted No--sta Kar.

So Rhino is raging,
The mages are maging;
Cos all the Lions are now waging
War against the No--sta Kar.

One of them red,
One of them blue,
Perhaps we'll lock them in the loo,
When the Nosta Kar come to town.

Don't worry your head,
Don't hide in your bed,
It's not so bad being dead....
The Nosta Kar are coming to town.