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Unlucky Louis

A Portrait of the Most Experienced PB's Man

You may have heard of unlucky Louis,
Many people think Louis' screwy,
Although he's ever bouncing back,
Louis always gets the sack.

He's always on some sort of mission
With someone or other's permission.
He's not a thief, he's not a slob,
He just can't hold down any job.

Chorus :
Unlucky Louis
Dressed in blue-y
We don't think that
Louis' screwy.
If you ever need
some bits or bobs
Don't despair -
Skip to our Louis!

He's been a healer, ritualist, mage
He's done quite well for someone his age
He's turned his hand to every trade
Bit of a shame he can't make the grade

Some do whisper that he and Konin
Have a little understanding,
But methinks Louis would go grey
If we suggested he was gay.


Finally he's found the job of his dreams
But its far more than it first seems
As Head of Supplies for the PBs lot
Louis controls what we all get

If you want a sword, a bed, a feed,
Louis will supply you with what you need
Though it's quite strange how he manages to find
Exactly what you need in the nick of time


Now our Louis' getting famous
In Supplies he's an absolute genius
When you're so hungry your belly aches
Louis will magically provide some cake.

None can deny Louis' success,
All must eat their words, confess:
If you need something, then he'll do what he can
For Louis is a Prince Bishop's man!

Song and Music written by Alias Ye Bard and Meg Madrigal