DURHOLME - the ley home of the Prince Bishop's Men


Waukeen was a woman of great repute, and it was she who was responsible for elevating Durholme to the great trading centre it became. The wife of a Durholme financier, she took over the money lending business he left behind on his death. Through a handful of shrewd investments and commercial ventures she grew rich, and Durholme grew rich with her. She set up the Guild of Merchant Adventurers, ostensibly to control her investments, involving the mercenary's guild and various merchant and financial guilds from around Durholme. She was not known to be a pleasant woman, having been accused on several occasions of dishonourable conduct and breaking contracts, but her fervent profiteering was to benefit the city. On her death she left behind her a Durholme far different to that in which she was born. The Merchant Adventurers guild would become the machine through which Durholme would hold her position as one of the greatest trading posts in the land. She came to be worshipped by Merchants, Financiers and Mercenaries, but any man who does not wish to become destitute would do well to pay homage to Waukeen. Indeed most people make visits to the temple of Waukeen, especially at the dawn of the new year, however their priests are generally viewed with suspicion.