DURHOLME - the ley home of the Prince Bishop's Men

The Twelve Lords of the Balance

These twelve white knights fought long and brave against the lords of darkness in that great battle. They fought for justice and to uphold nature's law. Great warriors and evangelists, they fought with the songs of battle on their lips. Though ferocious in battle, away from the field they were withdrawn and austere. They commanded great respect, and still do as the single Ancestor the Circle of Balance. A single god of twelve in one. One of the great mysteries of the Balance, this saw with great wisdom, that single men cannot be forever wise, and only in aiding and advising one another can we truly triumph. The Twelve work together to keep the Balance of life and death, wisdom and ignorance, light and dark. They recognise that man is base, and urge men to learn and grow to achieve the balance. They have set the scales on the side of light, and will forever maintain this balance. The Twelve in One are powerful, righteous and honourable. As a result they are heavily worshipped in Durholme, and if not fully worshipped by all, are always placated by men who wish for a happy and fruitful life. Their true names are not remembered save for that of one who replaced one of the twelve, who perished at the hands of the lich lord Tarkus. The man who achieved godly status as a member of the Council of Twelve was Adamada, a former head of the Church of the Circle of Balance in Durholme.