DURHOLME - the ley home of the Prince Bishop's Men


Keremar the only other man to have become a worshipped Ancestor within living memory. He was a warrior who worshipped Lupus, the god of wolves. He was an irreverent, selfish, womanising, smoking, lothario drunkard, and was regularly in trouble with the law. However his puissance at arms is legendary. At the time of the Tarkus Heresy, he accompanied Adam-Ada and various other notables of Durholme in a mission to destroy Tarkus and the Heart of Darkness, an item of great complexity, formed by Tarkus to draw the Ancestors of Durholme to earth, where he intended to destroy them. Tarkus and his minions, including the Clan of the Crimson Fists, successfully killed Crowa the Goddess of War. Kerremar was at her side as she died. Unknown to Keremar, her weak but sentient spirit took residence in his body. Lupus was also killed, and his soul passed into Keremar's body when Keremar ate Lupus' heart. In the final confrontation between Tarkus and the Durholmers, Keremar, along with Adamada and all but two others in the party, died. Killed by annihilation, Keremar's body disintegrated, but Crowa and Lupus sacrificed their own weak souls to ensure that Keremar should replace them, as lord of War and Wolves. He is also remembered as the lord of Drinking, Smoking and Carnal Knowledge. His death occurred on the summit of mount Simonside, close to the border with Caledonia. There now exists a shrine, with a fountain which appears to spout forth white gemstones, untouchable to mortal hands. Although the cult of Keremar is one of prayer and weapon practice, most men feel at one with their ancestor in the drinking hall.