DURHOLME - the ley home of the Prince Bishop's Men

The Great War of the Righteous

In the beginning there was war. The Great War of the Righteous was fought against the Dark Thousands by the warriors now remembered as the Ten Thousand Innocents. It was the great war of good and evil which has been played out ever since on the fields of earth. All the combatants of the Ten Thousand Innocents deserve to be remembered, but most have been lost to men's memories. However, a great many are remembered, and some by the people of Durholme. Research is carried out by the archivists of Durholme to find more names to add to those already known.

These writings on the ancestors are based on the teachings of Prince Bishop William Hatfield, Autumn 1098; except for the writings on Nemesis, which are based on the teachings of Malekai Ebonblade, Lord Nemesite, 1104.