DURHOLME - the ley home of the Prince Bishop's Men


Nemesis, whose followers now fight as part of the Prince Bishop's Men, is the most recent ancestor to join the Palatinate Pantheon.

The Tenets of the Faith

The following of Nemesis differs from that of many Ancestors in that she is honoured more in action than in name. As the Ancestor of Retribution, not Vengeance which is very different as I will explain later, her followers tend to be some of the most law abiding members of the Palatinate. She rewards those who uphold the laws that preserve the status quo, that every transgression has an equal punishment, and in this way balance is kept. Indeed, many Nemesites, including myself, see their task as being agents of Balance. We are the 'reaction' to the transgressor's 'action'. Our crusade differs slightly from that of the Sheriff's, although I count many of the Sheriffs amongst my closest allies and friends, in that we have no compunction of exacting sentences befitting to the crime. Indeed, the old adage "an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth" is one many of the Order live by. Should a victim have died a particularly foul death, we ensure that the execution of the perpetrator is every bit as excruciating. This is known as the Tenet of Wrath, one of the three paths that the Nemesites walk in righteousness. I will now move onto an explanation of these Tenets and their meanings.

The Tenet of Wrath

Wrath is the Sword of Law

There is one emotion that all human beings, no matter how civilized, are inescapably capable of; wrath. This is the fire that has burnt in us since the days of the Mordred Device. This is not hate, nor vengeance, but the purest act a living being can perpetrate, an act of retribution. Without wrath, there would be no retribution and without retribution there would be no balance.

The Tenet of Law

Law is the Hammer that forges Wrath

We are beings that are defined by Law, in one form or another. Even in our world of Erdreja, there are some things we cannot do. We then create further laws ourselves, to restrain others and ourselves further, and thus order is established. Without law there cannot be true retribution as there would be no measure against which we can be held.

The Tenet of Blood

Blood slakes the flames of Wrath

This is the most self-explanatory of the three tenets handed to us by Nemesis and the one that the Nemesites hold most dear. The sentence to the crime will be exacted and retribution will be dealt. Should the crime warrant the punishment of death, then death shall be the punishment exacted. No one will escape our wrath, no matter where they hide or whom they cower behind, we shall take our justice to them.