DURHOLME - the ley home of the Prince Bishop's Men


Humact was a great and honourable warrior. Huge in stature, and mighty in battle. He is known as the reaper of men and his great sword is said to have killed so many at of the Dark Thousands that it became blunted by their bones. The story tells that the War raged for forty days and forty nights, and was closely fought. When battle was done, only Humact remained, scarred and bloody. For a further forty days and forty nights he toiled to bury the bodies of the Ten Thousand Innocents, and at the end of that time he gave up his own body to carry their souls to the afterlife. Humact is the Warrior of Truth and Death. He respects death and loathes the denizens of unlife. He is placated by all who know of him, lest he take their lives too early, and to ensure that on their death he escorts their souls to the plane of death unmolested.