DURHOLME - the ley home of the Prince Bishop's Men

The History of New Durholme

The City of New Durholme was founded in Avalon in 1096, by Prince Bishop William Hatfield, escaping persecution in Albion. It was based on the ruins of a far older city, deserted and fallen into disrepair. The body of St Cuthbert was brought to the city from Durholme in Albion, and placed in a Small Temple prepared for it.

The lands around the City were declared the Palatinate of New Durholme, under the rulership of Hatfield. Much effort has been put into improving the defences of the land, first to defend from the Demon Hordes, and later to defend against the Nosta Khar.

Many natives to the Land of Avalon live in the Palatinate, and have been welcomed by the Prince Bishop. Most see his presence as benefitial, especially as he drove the Demon Hordes from the Palatinate. Some, however, still see the Bishop and his forces as an invading army, and there is some bitterness.

There are about 12,000 inhabitants of the Palatinate, of which about one fifth are Native Avalonians, the rest being refugees from Albion. Even after two years, some refugees from Albion arrive each month, steadily increasing the population. The threat of the Nosta Khar has reduced the rate somewhat.

In August 1100, during the Gathering in Aegyptus, Prince Bishop Hatfield sacrificed his own life, calling upon Kerrimar, to lower the Barrier of Valinor Kai, and loose the Chaos Hordes once more upon the land, hopefully to defeat the Nosta Khar. His replacement is Prince Bishop Jari Rowan.

In November 1100, the day before the ending of the Dream of Avalon, Marcus Weller detonated explosives stored under the city, destroying an invading Chaos Host force.