DURHOLME - the ley home of the Prince Bishop's Men

A Timeline of the Palatinate

601 Arrival of St Cuthbert from Avalon
647 Death of St Cuthbert
723 Monks flee Lindesfarne with St Cuthberts body
795 Durholme founded
816 Death of Aldhun, first Bishop of Durholme
893 Bishop William de St Carileph starts building Durholme Cathedral
899 Bishop Ranulf Flambard becomes Bishop
921 Bishop Flambard raids Caledonia to raise money for the Cathedral project
932 Durholme Cathedral completed. Durholme becomes a Palatinate
1054 Anthony Bek becomes Prince Bishop. Defeats the Caledonians at Falkirk
1088 Caledonians raid Durholme
1090 William Hatfield becomes Prince Bishop
1091 Hatfield defeats the Caledonians at Nevilles Cross. First raising of the Banner of St Cuthbert in battle
1092 Caledonians again defeated at the Gathering. St Cuthberts cross first worn by the Prince Bishops Men
1094 Civil War in Albion begins
1096 Exodus to Avalon. Palatinate of New Durholme founded in Avalon
1097 Chaos Horde, led by the Raven, driven back beyond 'The Barrier'
1098 War against Nosta Kar commences
1099 The Town of New Durholme is evacutated of civilians. Kirkby Muxloe raised by the Nosta Kar.
1100 Jari Rowan Dzgati becomes Prince Bishop, upon Hatfield's death
1100 The dream of Avalon ends, leaving Avalon drifting through the void.
1101 Camelot lands in the newly-rerisen island chain of Lantia. The Prince Bishop's Men are given Gallathrix, the Island of War, as the new Palatinate, along with a seafort which the rename Fort Hatfield as their military base. They work on rebuilding their lives there.