DURHOLME - the ley home of the Prince Bishop's Men

The Prince Bishop's Men in Avalon

Since the death of Arthur, the Twelve Clans have populated the Southwest. All have experienced periods of freedom and servitude as the Chaos Wars raged across the land. One clan, the House Demetus, stood out from the others. From the ancient fortress of Marse, they commanded their legions against the Demon Hordes. At one point the whole of the region was freed of Chaos taint, and all the Clans could meet freely. This was short lived and soon the Demetus fortunes waned. The Hordes soon proved victorious, and the Clans were forced back into their traditional insular ways and their personal fights with the Hordes.

It was this from this period that one of the Clans went over to the Demon Lords. All had experienced periods of being forced into serving the Spawn (except for the House Demetus), but all continued to resist and eventually freed themselves. However, one of the Clans decided to become Dark Servitors, and became known as The Forsaken. They abandoned their homelands and disappeared.

The House Demetus, safe in their Fortress, never succumbed to the Spawn. However their territory w as gradually picked away, until all that remained was a fragment of their former glory. It is rumoured that a terrible curse afflicted those of the Blood, and it certainly seemed true of the last Lord Demetus. His rule was so terrible that there was little difference between him and the Demons. With the arrival of the Lions, he vanished into the night and no one has taken his place.

During 1098, the Nosta Kar invaded Avalon. The war finally ended in 1100 when the defeated Nosta Kar force proved to be merely the vanguard of their force. The Lions woke the sleepers, ending the dream, or at least it's connection to Edreja. Avalon was set loose to drift through the void.

In 1100, William Hatfield organised a ritual to lower the Valinor Kai Barrier that kept the Raven Hoste at bay. It was done as a desperate but necessary act to release the Chaos Hoste so that they could wage war upon the "lawful" Nosta Kar who by this time held the majority of Avalon under their sway. Hatfield sealed the circle before the contributors were fully assembled and undertook the ritual on his own; in order to complete the ritual he called upon Kerremar to aid him. The ritual was successful at the price of the Prince Bishop's life.