DURHOLME - the ley home of the Prince Bishop's Men

The Prince Bishop's Men in Lantia

1st Month 1101:
Prince Bishop Dzygati commands the Prince Bishops's Men and the 1st Legion of Avalon ("The Hammer") in the successful defence of Camelot during the Battle of the Circle, against an incursion of void demons.
2nd Month 1101:
Knight Marshall Mog announces that the 3rd Legion of Avalon (The Prince Bishop's Own Regiment of Foot) and the 1 st Legion (the Hammer) are to be incorporated into the Veterans of Avalon Legion under the command of the Prince Bishop.
3rd Month 1101:
Holy isle crashes down on Edreja, the Lions arrive in Lantia. The Prince Bishop's Men eventually locate the new resting place of St Cuthbert, upon the fortress isle of Australis (quicly renamed Fort Hatfield) , and take up residence there and on the neighbouring island of Gallathrix.
Sixth Month 1101:
During the Lions's Moot, held upon the island of Tamarus, the Lions are attacked by Frithen, aquatic creatures that dwell around Lantia. Frithen from Gallathrix are reported to be amongst th attackers, who are driven off.
Gathering of Nations, Eighth Month, 1101:
The Lions defeat a force of Nosta Kar and slay the Progenitor. King Rhino leads Lions' forces, having returned from Avalon., but is slain at the point of victory. Exhausted by the strain of office, Prince Bishop Dzygati resigns, without nominating a successor. That night, in an unpredented event, the representatives of the Palatinate gather to elect a new Prince Bishop. Prince Bishop Eleanor Mortarion is elected, and is endorsed by Prince Bishop Dzygati as his sucessor. The next day, whilst leading the Lions forces upon the Field of Honour, the Prince Bishop is slain by poison. Involvment of the Vipers is suspected.
Eleventh Month 1101:
As Prince Bishop Mortarion had been unable to nominate a successor, another election is held. Matteus Varn emerges the new Prince Bishop.
Gathering of Nations, Eighth Month, 1102:
Prince Bishop Varn leads a unit of lightly armed Prince Bishop's Men visit the camp of the Vipers, bearing beer in an attempt to foster peace and understanding between peoples. Despite being guaranteed safe conduct by the Vipers, the party is set upon, and Prince Biishop Varn and his faithful aide Caradoc are slain. Others of the party come near to death, and are only saved by the intervention of Lions forces. Henceforth Prince bishop Varn becomes known as "The Peacemaker" for his efforts.
Prince Bishop Varn had nominated his successor. In a solemn cermony, Stefan Louis is confirmed as Prince Bishop.
11th Month 1102:
A new threat emerrges, as the League of Evil raises its banners against the Lions. The Prince Bishop's Men in Fort Hatfield are besieged by the Frithen of Gallathrix, whilst the coast of Gallathrix is subjected to heavy raids. Less than a month after the start of the crisis, Prince Bishop Louis is ambushed and murdered whilst attending a meeting of the Healer's Guild. Involvement of the Vipers is suspected.
3rd Month 1103:
After a period of frantic activity, and after another nominee turns down the position, Sir Lemming Demetus-McYokel becomes Prince Bishop.
Gathering of Nations, Eighth Month 1103:
The bones of St Cuthbert are stolen by person or persons unknown. The League of Evil is suspected. Using a cunning plan devised by His Grace the Prince Bishop, Lions are able to retake Holy Isle, which had previously fallen to the League's forces.
11th Month 1103:
After the Veteran's Legion plays a key role in the re-capture of the island of Pardulon, the Prince Bishop welcomes the members of the Faction to his palace on Gallathrix for the Lions' Winter Parliament. Benedict Darkendale, the unliving general of the League of Evil works a powerful magic, utilising the stolen bones of St Cuthbert, to make himself appear to be the blessed Ancestor. Some Prince Bishop's Men, led by His Grace, are able to contact the real St Cuthbert, and so free themselves form the magic's influence, but, after the Bones of St Cuthbert are recovered and lost in the flow of battle, the Prince Bishop is forced to leave Gallathrix. Many of those remaining fall under the sway of the false St Cuthbert, who places his own followers in positions of power and authority throughout the island.
Those on Gallathrix who remain loyal to The Prince Bishop begin a long and heroic campaign of resistance to to the tyranical rule of the Darkendale and his twisted henchmen.
Sixth Month 1104:
Following an arduous struggle, the Prince Bishop's Men recapture the bones of St Cuthbert, and remove the affect of Darkendale's magic from Gallathrix. The Prince Bishop begins a tour of his domains, and the people of the Palatinate look forward again to what the future may bring.
Fifth Month 1105:
After its abeyance of several years, Prince Bishop Lemming Demetus-McYokel takes the initiative in writing and seeking support for a new Gathering treaty. He gains support from a large number of faction leaders. However, while he is in the Vipers camp, a number of Vipers set upon him and his party and kill him. The killers are later stated by Scullion, pattern of knowledge, to have been under the influence of the Conclave. Knight Sergeant Lochlan Douglas and Margravine Rowan Calenangol take charge of the Palatinate's affairs while Prince Bishop Lemming's chosen succesor considers his response.
Eighth Month 1105:
Fizaratan Sena R'ios, Sergeant of Blue Lance and High Sheriff of the Palatinate, accepts Prince Bishop Lemming's nomination to be the next Prince Bishop.
Third Month 1106:
Mists rise around Holy Isle, driving the Lions from Camelot, and a mission to investigate finds the air filled with a poison that confuses those who breathe it. Knight Captain Lochlan Douglas is slain by the possessed islanders while returning from a mission. His brother, Dalziel Douglas, accepts the Knight Captain's position in his stead.
Eight Month 1106:
As the cataclysm approaches, a party of Prince Bishop's Men including Prince Bishop Fizaratan Sena R'ios is attacked in the marketplace at the Gathering of Nations by a group suspected to be Tarantulas. They are transported away, and questioning of the ancestors later reveals they are killed. Rescue missions are sent out, and several, including the longest-serving Lion, Master Artisan Collum Trowbridge, and Sergeant Jerusalem Steel of Void Lance, are killed, but the bodies are not recovered. As Prince Bishop Fizaratan had not left a will, the position is voted on by the people of the Palatinate, and Ivory Du Bois, Arcane Primus of the Lions and Citizen of the Palatinate, is elected and enthroned as the new Prince Bishop. She and Knight Captain Dalziel Douglas lead the Prince Bishop's Men onto the field for the final battle of the cataclysm. It is a bloody battle, in which many Lions, including Knight Captain Dalziel Douglas, and Lions Hammer of Justice and former Prince Bishop's Man Oliver Fitzoliver, are killed; but the combined forces of good succeed in many of their objectives, and Prince Bishop Ivory Du Bois is able to lead the Palatinate into a recreated world.