DURHOLME - the ley home of the Prince Bishop's Men

The Prince Bishop's Men are one of the oldest and most distinctive military units in the Lions. Making up the majority of the Veterans Legion, their blue and gold tabards and shields are unmissable on the battlefield, and they flourish under the leadership of Prince Bishop Sorrentum Hunter. The military of the Prince Bishop's Men protect a significant civilian population within the group's lands, known as The Palatinate.

Here you can find out about the Prince Bishop's Men - who we are, where we live, what we do, our history and songs.

What is this?

The Prince Bishop's Men are a unit in the Lions Faction in the Lorien Trust 'Gathering' roleplay world. If none of this means anything to you, you probably want to read the Out-Of-Character Pages. This is a collection of documents about the group, representing the sorts of things you'd be able to find out about us if you looked hard enough.


Durholme is a city in Albion, the original seat of the Prince Bishops and origin of the Prince Bishop's Men. Though we left Durholme many years ago and it is now in Harts lands, we hold a great affection for the place and it still remains our historical home; so this ley site is named in its honour.