DURHOLME - the ley home of the Prince Bishop's Men

People in the Prince Bishop's Men

Note: Those marked with an asterisk are currently not regularly present on campaign. OOC, this generally means that they are retired characters, or secondary characters of players currently playing elsewhere.

The Office of the Prince Bishop

Sorrentum Hunter, Prince Bishop

The Military

Jericho Dreamstruck-Zeal, Knight Captain
Karnak Justice, Sergeant Major

Cuthbert Company Home Defence and Campaigning

Blue Lance Scouts and skirmishers

James Kydd, Lance Corporal
Beasty, Lanceman
Brom, Lanceman

Steel Lance Shield wall

Kerr, Lance Sergeant
Harsufeld Redheart, Lance Corporal
William Hook, Lance Corporal
Nemiel Rook, Lanceman
Feldeen Rook, Lanceman

Amber Lance Healers, alchemists and investigators

Kaelin Ervash, Lance Sergeant

Red Lance Most dangerous missions

As needed

Void Lance Veterans of the battle of Bellac

Karnak Justice, Lance Sergeant
Megiddo Hyskus, Lance Corporal
Tara Faith, Lanceman
Obsidia Hyskus, Lanceman

White Lance Trainees, trainers and experts

Sam Wickson*, Lance Sergeant
Tirell Dreamstruck*, Lance Sergeant
Silverant, Aspirant
Harp, Aspirant
Jess Hawke*, Lanceman
Sam Jackson*, Lanceman
Mr Troll*, Lanceman

Hatfield Company The Legions & Secondments

Tartan Lance Honorary

Elanor McAylwyn*, Lance Sergeant
Kianan McAylwyn, Lanceman


Lanceman Byzantium Creed* - permanent secondment in the Old Palatinate
Lanceman Hanoi Apotheosis* - indefinite leave
The PBs in Veterans and other legions - secondment to Lions faction

Gold Lance Special Recognition

Meggido Darkendale Stone
Harsufeld Redheart
Nazareth Sparkel
Reyvek Quinn

Palatinate Citizens

Hadrian Darkendale, Margrave

Miles Darkendale
Ilsa Dreamstruck
Eli Rook
Robert Ashlar
Seraphim Aldain-Darkendale
Karen Aldain-Darkendale
Sheyna Darkleaf
Sheyna's children
Lady Alyssa Darkendale Dyzgati Sena R'Ios
Amber Darkendale
Former Captain Xavin Larson
Former Corporal Cade Ar Gaed
Arden Hale
Rune Leifsson
Kitta Leifsdottir*
Silverthorn Rockwood
Footnote Swan
Snowflake Swan*
Topaz Swan*
Talos Starfyre Darkendale
Former Sergeant Rowan Calenangol-Dreamstruck
Former Sergeant Lithoway D'El
Martan Crescent*
Londinium Mishap*
Former Sergeant Major Arbella Carey*
Wiliam Carey *
Falrik Illand*
Kawven Ravenclaw*
Adara Darkendale Stone*
Jerusalem Darkendale Stone*
Lily Darkendale Stone*
Douglas Darkendale Stone*
D'Arcy Darkendale*
Zai Darkendale*
Ebony Darkendale*
Reaver Dzygati Starfyre Darkendale*
Janey Wordsmith Dzygati Darkendale*
Clover Walker Darkendale*
Any member of Clan McAylwyn
Any member of the 12 Tribes of Avalon (Clans Demetus, Dyzgati, Sena R'Ios, Brethren [incorporating Hyskus, Yel, Kelerat & Kamyr], Meccanno, Watcher, Edrelle, Arrowen and Jelan)
Any individual permanently resident within the Palatinate Isles.
Any Harper